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Digital Distraction Tip: The Importance of Conducting a Digital Time Audit

I hesitate using the word audit. It’s the depressant of the English language. No other word creates such an immediate negative reaction. Even when partnered with words with upbeat associations it still manages to convey dread – butterscotch sundae audit, wine tasting audit, swimming with bottlenose dolphins audit.

If audit sounds too harsh, call it an awakening. Or a focus-oscopy. Or becoming hip to your screen jive. Whatever you call it do it.

A digital time audit represents an opportunity. The chance to take a focus inventory. Get a grasp on how you’re utilizing your attention and, more importantly, intention.

Focus Oblivion

Writer Jim Harrison once said, “The danger of civilization is that you piss away your life on nonsense.” And so much of what we do online adheres to this appraisal. The unimportant hobnobs with the important, enjoying equal attention, if not more.

Consequently, instead of being present, focused at work or at home, tapping into potential and possibility, we’re watching Tik Tok videos of dancing kangaroos or reading must-read stories on ‘What Kim Kardashian Stores in Her Fridge’s Crisper Drawers.’ (In case you’re wondering: red bell peppers and rhubarb.)

Brace for Flabbergast

If you own a business you’d want to know if someone was stealing from it. The same should hold true for your focus. All the more reason to conduct a digital time audit.

But when you do prepared to be shocked.

According to Provision Learning, a senior living community provider, that conducted a phone-use study with 2,000 baby boomers and millennials, 82% of us underestimate our phone use time.

Even Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, experienced a reality zap when he tracked his digital habits via Screen Time, Apple’s screen monitoring app. Said Cook, “I thought I was very disciplined about this. And I was wrong. When I began to get the data, I found I was spending more time than I should. And the number of times I picked up the phone were too many.”

Screen Monitoring App Suggestions

  1. Moment

  2. Space

  3. ZenScreen

  4. Digital Wellbeing - Already installed on your Android phone that can be accessed and activated via Settings.

  5. Screen Time - Already installed on Apple devices. It can be found in your device’s Setting menu.

About the Author: Jeff Wozer presented our April 2021 webinar entitled "Digital Balance in an Age of Digital Addiction" which members can view in our webinar archive. He is a national speaker, writer, and comedian. For digital balance questions, comments or recommended books on the topic e-mail Jeff at You can also find tips, via short videos (yes, he gets the irony) at

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