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EEO Best Practices for Employers During the COVID Pandemic

This pandemic has altered our ways of conducting business. For those of us fortunate enough to still be in business, we face new challenges in some obvious, and some not-so-obvious ways. The more obvious changes include social distancing, the wearing of masks, and the huge increase in reliance on Zoom and related technology. But the pandemic also impacts human resources issues, particularly with respect to non-discrimination, equal employment opportunity, and providing reasonable accommodations.

Check out my recommendation for best practices:

COVID EEO Best Practices
Download PDF • 180KB

Please note: Nothing in this article is intended as legal advice or as a substitute for any professional advice about your organization's particular circumstances. All original materials copyright © Schuyler Affirmative Action Practice 2020.

About the Author: Marilynn Schuyler presented our August 2020 webinar entitled "Beyond Physical Exposure: How COVID-19 and Recent Events Impact EEO/ADA Issues" which members can view in our webinar archive. She is the founder of Schuyler Affirmative Action Practice. Additionally, she serves as the Legislative Liaison for the CCCEAC.

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